"Scottsdale Edition" is the premiere PRINT magazine featuring the beautiful women of Scottsdale. Several High-Profile Photographers & Styling team will be working to create the most stunning photos. It is the magazine for the young professonal.

Featuring Scottsdale's Most Beautiful Women




Davanti Magazine: "Scottsdale Edition" is the premiere PRINT magazine featuring the 50 most beautiful women of Scottsdale for 2009. The concept and theme will be similar to Bebe, Victoria Secret, and Guess but not limited to only lingerie if not at all. The styling and photography will be sexy, elegant, and high-fashion. The magazine's overall vision and feel will be the " A Day in the Life of a Model". Each model will have one of the story-line ranging from morning, day, or evening. The model search is looking for models that are both beautiful models and attractive socialites.

Davanti is a transition magazine that strives to move away from the popularized standard Maxim/FHM style type photography and bring back focus on high-fashion. Several High-Profile photographers will be working to create the most stunning photos. It is the magazine for the young professional.

DAVANTI: Italian meaning for "Upfront and Ahead"Attractive Socialites.

APPLY to have an opportunity to be casted as ONE of the TOP 50 models of DAVANTI. Additional modeling opportunities to follow. Arizona Resident or Currently Attending an Arizona University or College


  • RSVP as a friend on FACEBOOK and/or MYSPACE and/or email: models@davantimagazine.com
  • Post a comment and let us know that you're interested.
  • We'll verify your profile, and confirm if you are entered into our database for selection.


Apply for Final Details...or email: models@davantimagazine.com

Previous Casting Locations:
Hotel Indigo, Scottsdale, AZ
Crown Room, Scottsdale, AZ
Six Lounge, 7316 E. Stetson Dr., Scottsdale, AZ



The 50 models will have a SPECIAL WORKSHOP by Marie P. Anderson of Studio Galatea.
The #1 Ranked model will have follow-ups with Marie during the year to keep her on track.

About Marie P. Anderson
Former fashion model, Marie P. Anderson is internationally known for her previously owned, Chicago based, Aria Model & Talent Management Agency and for changing the standard of beauty when she discovered and began booking the Supermodel Cindy Crawford. Visit www.studiogalatea.net for more information.

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How To Really Become A Succesful Model -Marie P. Anderson